30 - 31 October 2018 | Melbourne, Australia

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CCLE is an invite-only event, focused on only the most senior decision makers for contact centres. Like you, they will be in the midst of their own contact centre transformation, and are looking to share their insights into their own experiences and learn from yours.

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Exclusive Content

CCW Executive Report 2017: Performance and Agents

CCW’s Executive Report on Performance & Agents addresses the goals, challenges and solutions organizations will address in their pursuit of a results-oriented, irrefutably valuable customer experience function. Citing exclusive market research, it investigates how organizations are defining and measuring success. It pays specific attention to the role cost still plays in today’s customer experience environment, including whether certain channels are more or less likely to increase costs.


Creating Four Pillars of Strategy to Influence Cultural Excellence and Multi Skilled Agents

The REA Group have implemented four pillars of strategy into the core of the business to create an agile customer experience centre. With continuous improvement and maintaining rituals within their teams, it has resulted in a 92% engagement rate. In this presentation from Contact Centre Week 2017, Olivia McMillan, Senior Manager - Customer Experience, REA Group outlines the steps the company have made to create a culture ready for continuous change and up-skilling, inlcuding:
  • Implementing cultural rhythms and rituals to keep the team engaged and supporting change
  • Identifying strategies to engage staff and keep them evolving with the business such as scrum sessions, daily stand ups and a management team
  • Putting the customer experience in the heart of the organisation and feeding insights into the organisation
  • An overview of the training process for multi-skilled staff at the REA Group
  • Highlighting the four pillars of strategy - Insights and proactive service, account management, continuous improvement, and people

Organisational change to meet client expectations

In this presentation from Contact Centre Week 2017, Ben Foster from the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) explores how the ATO is transforming and digisiting their contact centre to meet changing customer expectations. 

Delivering Digital Change and Supporting Staff on The Transformation Journey

In this presentation from Contact Centre Week 2017, Russell Murphy,Transformation and Deployment Manager, Service NSW explores:

  • Understanding how culture and collaboration sets the scene for greater customer service
  • Identifying the recruitment and induction process at Service NSW to create employee engagement
  • Strategies for employee empowerment and engagement
  • Ensuring and promoting positive connections with customers and throughout the organisation
  • How Service NSW will take their staff on an Omni-Channel transformational journey


Working With Continuous Improvement in a Customer Service Operation

Monika Lutke-Daldrup, Head of Consumer Services, Lego presents on how continuous Improvement starts with the management and under their leadership works down through the organisation. Improvement also requires a high degree of change and change management is a vital piece of the continuous improvement puzzle.

Interview with Troy Peterson, VP Customer Care, Erie Insurance

In this interview, Troy shares his thoughts and views on delivering a service culture whilst still keeping costs at where they should be to drive profitable ROI on customer initiatives

Guest Service At Disney: Surprising & Delighting Guests At Every Touchpoint

Bob Simmonds, Senior Vice President, Worldwide Travel Operations, Disney Destinations, shares Disney’s perspective on what’s important to create memorable experience for their guests. Bob’s unique insight helps explain how Disney creates guests who absolutely love the brand, and who are consistently delighted by their experiences.